London Calling...

She is ok. Of course, she was my first thought when I heard what was going on.

Not a whole lot to say about this...but I wish I could be there with her now.

My prayers are with England.

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Happy Father's Day Dad!

Doubt he'll see this, but wanted to post it anyway.

With my Dad living back in Germany now, it's an odd day. We spent many a Father's day, in fact, many a day in general, sitting around watching old John Wayne movies, fishing, complaining about women, drinking a pint and just generally discussing life. I miss the fact that I can't just pop on over to their house and do things like that anymore. It's weird how life changes as you get older. My dad being much older than I am (He'll be 72 this year!), he's a very wise man, very knowledgable and I always respected that about him. As I am in my mid-twenties now though, I think it sucks that at 72...well, it's not a young age. I want to be able to give him a grandson more than anything. I know he'd like that. I've actually already got a name picked out. Not something most guys my age think of I would guess, but the reasons behind it will make you understand. I want a son...and I will name him Erich Reinhard. Erich of course, being my older brother who passed away when he was 10. Reinhard, being my grandfather who I absolutely worshipped. The smartest man in the universe he was, and he passed away back in the fall of 2003.

I think, more than anything...if I can be half the man my dad is, and that my grandfather was....that would be the best thing I could ever give him for Father's Day.

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Can't Buy Me Looooove...

...but apparently you can buy you're way out of jail.


If it was anyone but Jackson on trial, the 'regular guy' on trial...he'd already be sitting in prison for this shit.

Jackson's a freak and I can't believe the idiots let him walk.

The parents of these kids should also be brought up on charges of child neglect for allowing their kids to 'share the bed' of this freak.

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I am sorry you find my occasionally smoking a cig when I get stressed 'repulsive'.

I feel like someone just gutted me with a hunting knife.

Heading out to forget this whole thing, although I doubt I will.

Mood: Awkward. Hurt? I don't know.
Tune: Dead Silence

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Sometimes...I am so predictable.

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